Sonnenschein A600 Solar Battery

● Exceptional cycling performance – 3000+ cycles* at
60 % Depth of Discharge C10
● Dryfit Gel – VRLA technology
● Lowest energy consumption – saving costs
● Strong tubular plate technology – for longer life in the
toughest conditions
● Proof against deep discharge – greater long-term
energy delivery
● Horizontal mounting possible – easy installation and
● Completely recyclable – low CO2 footprint


– Nominal capacity 294 – 3919 Ah C120 (20°C)
– Cycling performance at 20 °C (with IU charging): 2400 cycles at 60 % Depth of Discharge (C10) at 20 °C
For enhanced performance and for systems ≥ 48 V we recommend IUI charging, to reach 3000+ cycles at 20 °C
– Designed in accordance with IEC 61427 and IEC 60896-21/22
– Long shelf life up to 17 months at 20 °C without recharge due to the very low self discharge rate
– Also available as flame-retardant version on request (V0)
– Manufactured in Europe in our ISO 9001 certified production plants
– Trouble-free transport of operational cells, no restrictions for rail, road, sea and air transportation
(IATA, DGR, clause A67)
– Approval: UL (Underwriter Laboratories), DNV GL (Germanischer Loyd)


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