Smart Interactive Screen 65″ SIS-L Series

Model:65 inch
● 13MP Ultra High Resolution Camera
● ±1mm Accurate Handwriting
● 4 G Ram +32 G Rom
● Android 11.0 System
● Split Into 2 Screen
● Support Dual System
● 4K Wireless Screen Sharing

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With an smart interactive screen, teachers can bring their lessons to life, engaging their students in a dynamic, interactive learning experience. The screen enables teachers to project images, videos, and animations to enhance their lessons and make them more engaging. Students can also interact with the content, using touch or stylus pens to draw, annotate, and manipulate the images on the screen.

But the smart interactive screen is not just for the classroom. It is also a powerful tool for businesses, enabling teams to collaborate and brainstorm ideas in real-time. With its touch-screen capabilities and easy-to-use software, the smart interactive screen makes it easy to share ideas, make changes on the fly, and work together to achieve a common goal.

So whether you’re a teacher looking to bring your lessons to life, or a business looking to collaborate more effectively, the Smart Interactive Screen is the perfect tool for you. With its versatility, ease of use, and powerful capabilities, the Smart Interactive Screen is changing the way we teach, learn, and work together.

Applications: Video Conference, Training Institutions, Share Demo, Office, Exhibitions, etc…

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