Multifunctional Smart Wall USB Socket

  • Rated voltage 125V-250V.
  • Safety standards UL 943, UL 498.
  • Wifi standard IEEE802.11b/g/n.
  • 9V2A fast charge.
  • Security door.
  • Mobile APP remote control ( Android / IOS ).
  • Support Amazon Alexa & Google home.
  • 750 degree flame retardant grade.


Main features:
1) It can be directly connected to WiFi without a gateway.
2) Can be remotely controlled by 3G / 4G /5G on the mobile phone anytime, anywhere, just turn on the GPRS signal.
3) Crystal tempered glass panel, the thickness of the glass panel is 4mm, which is more crystal clear and more texture than the ordinary switch panel.
4) LED backlight prompts for easy identification and operation at night.
5) Multiple groups of timings can be set according to user preferences, as well as scene control.
6) Product material: V0 grade flame retardant material
7) WIFI remote control: The phone can be turned on/off anywhere,real-time device status provided on the APP, The operation can be bi-directionally feedback, that is, the device’s on, off, and stop status will be displayed in real time on the APP application side;
8) Voice Control: with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Voice Control
9) App Support: Free iOS and Android Phone Apps (Smart Life&Tuya)
10) Timing function: Set the reservation/countdown timer to turn on/off at the specified timeWiring mode: (neutral wire+fire wire)


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