Axial Wall Exhaust Fan (MF-Series)

MF-100/4/LL / MF-120/5/LL / MF-450/6/LL

Power: 11W / 15W / 25W
Air Volume: 96 / 186 / 280
Speed: 2,300
Voltage: 220~230
Material: PP


Shop, Office, Living Room, Kitchen, Washroom, etc..

* Indoor pollution is caused by the presence of people and their activities.

* In order to safeguard our health, rooms must be properly ventilated to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

* We offer a wide range of products that are specially designed to achieve this objective.

* This includes the ventilation technology for buildings where high air tightness, high rising and integration are need.
the new energy saving technology like the energy recovery ventilation being highly appreciated, as well as comfort
technology: eg. air cleaning and low noise operation.

* Powerful & operate quietly, Simple maintenance works, Energy efficient, Long life bearing.


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