RightPower PowerStar NEO Series (800VA)

• User Friendly LED Indicator
• Compact Size
• Constant-FLO® High Speed Intelligent Charger
• Microprocessor Control Guarantees High Reliability
• 3 x 13Amp British Output Socket c/w Safety Window
• Built-in AVR for Voltage Stabilization
• Off Mode Charging
• DC Start Function
• High Quality SLA Maintenance Free Battery
• Lightning, Spike & Surge Protection
• Warranty: 3 Years Full Include Parts & Labor, 2 years for Battery


The PowerStar Neo Series uses a line-interactive topology which comes with simulated sinewave output to provide
cost-effective power protection for your equipment. Its compact size design, make it simple to be install in a
domestic environment to protect systems from surges and blackouts.
This UPS comes with built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to provide clean and stable power to connected
equipment. PowerStar Series is the ideal solution for any home or small office application such as personal
computers, workstations, networking devices and Point-of-Sales (POS) system.


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