Multifunction LED Outdoor Torch Light



– Large Capacity Battery 7800mAH
– Portable Power Bank for Mobile Phones
– Anti mosquito
– Flashlight Function
– Portable hanging & Strong Magnet
– Window Hammer
– 3 Lighting Modes
– Brightness 380lm
– SOS Warning Function (Red/Blue)
– IP 68 ( 3 -5m )
– Float on water
– Warranty 1 year


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Product Using Detail

1. Touching the switch with one’s hand will adjust the lamp brightness from low to high.
2. From the 1st grade to 3rd grade is for lighting. 3 grade dimmable for brightness.
3. The 4th grade is flash file.
4. A touch longer than 2 seconds at ang stage will turn off the lamp.
5. This product has power bank function at any stage ( To protect the lamp, the lamp will automatic change to 1st grade when charging for other electronic devices )

Life Stand Time for Different Garde

Low ~ 60 hours
Medium ~ 16 hours
High ~ 8 hours
Flash ~ 60 hours
Caution ~ 60 hours


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