Heavy Duty Industrial Portable Fan

Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 500W / 550W / 600W
Motor: BLDC
Control: 7 Speed
Fan Size: 36inch / 42inch / 48inch
CFM: 15000m³/h / 18000m³/h / 25000m³/h
Net Wight: 40kg / 45kg / 50kg


Application: Factory, Warehouse, Exhibition Center, Outdoor Even, etc….

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LEBON series is a new generation of Portable HVLS fan products.
The new technology BLDC (Brusless DC motor) platform makes the air supply efficiency of LeBon reach an unprecedented level.

LENOR Series Nylon blades attached to metal spiders for safety (*0* Sparking ) strength, lighter weight and efficiency.

The Benefits of Embracing Lebon Portable HVLS Fans Given their operation at a slower speed and ability to move a larger air volume,
Lebon portable HVLS fans consume less energy compared to their traditional high-speed counterparts. This reduced energy consumption
allows them to operate for extended durations without significant energy costs.

  • High efficient 6 blades inspired by aviation airfoil
  • Fan diameter (36″ / 42″/48″)provides super air flow.
  • Easy to move ,simple to install
  • Less energy cost ,energy saving up to 30% in cooling and heating
  • Long service life more than 5 years


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