Explosion-Proof Low-Ceiling Light RLB156-e

● Power Rate: 50 / 70 W
● Rated Voltage: AC / DC 220V 50Hz
● Luminous Flux(lm): 5,350 / 7,000
● Average Lifespan(h): 50,000
● Housing Protection: IP66
● Anti-corrosion Grade: Wf2
● Color Temperature: 5,500 – 6,000K
● Inlet Thread: G3/4
● Lead-in Cable: ø8 – ø12mm
● External Dimension: ø220×266(H)mm
● Total Weight: 4kg
● Explosion-Proof sign: Exde IIC T6 Gb/ExtDa21 ip66 t 80°C


Performance Features:-

* The housing is made by aluminum alloy die casting with high voltage electrostatic plastic spraying on the surface
   and has good anti-corrosive performance.
* Configured with an internationally renewed brand of LED light source and the ceramic substrate SMT surface
   mounting process, providing good heat-conduction property and color rendering, featured with circuit ESD
   electrostatic discharge design and a lifespan up to 50,000h
* Specialized constant-current power supply, wide voltage AC 85V-260V input design, featured with open circuit
   protection, short-circuit protection, surge protection, lightning protection, overvoltage protection, etc.
* Borosilicate tempered glass, resistant to high-energy impact protective cover’s transmittance up to 95%
   providing good lighting effect and high luminance.
* Steel tube wiring G3/4″, multiple mounting methods optional for users, the light is provided with a mounting
   bracket enabling free adjustment of the mounting angle based on requirements.


Applicable Place:-

* Widely applied in general lighting and operation lighting in hazardous environments of oil exploitation, oil refining,
   metal smelting, chemicals, military, coal mines, thermal power stations, wineries, etc
* Applicable for Zone 1, Zone 2, Class IIA, Class IIB and Class IIC explosive gas environments and flammable dust
   environments as well as Zone 21 and Zone 22 flammable and explosive sites.



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